Monday, November 3, 2008

Search for water has been on ever since time immemorial. Where there is no surface water people have dug deep trenches or wells to collect water. Indian region by far is dependent on Monsoon rains and there have been years when Monsoons have failed completely or partially bringing forth great deal of misery. There are regions India where even today where womenfolk travel a few miles to get a pot of this precious commodity. A bucket of water costs a Rupee or two in many rural areas in the States of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra.

It is a natural cycle (God’s Gift!) that brings about the circulation of the water from the sea to the land and back to the sea. The rain is the source by which the land mass gets the water and is drinkable by all living things on land whether man, animal or plant. On the surface the river water may accumulate as a lake, pond, and man-made reservoir before reaching the sea. The rain water flows back to the sea by following a natural way to the sea either as a surface run-off or thro’ underground streams. It is the underground run off that we are interested in. The water that flows underground reaches the sea much as the same way as it does on the surface. On the surface the rain water collects, flows down a gradient, and joins others to form a rivulet finally forming a river /stream. The same thing happens under the surface of the earth and on the way to the sea the water may accumulate as a lake called the aquifers.

Water diviners or the water dowsers are indeed quite a few in number allover the world. Everyone is not particularly gifted with this. All living things on earth have some power around them, an aura perhaps but it is the degree that varies from person to person. There are many people who do not know that they have this ability; perhaps they are unaware or they have not developed the skill. To be frank I had neither idea nor faith in such matters till 10 years ago when I found that I could make a chain go round and round when held up above the ground. I was very fascinated and told my friends about it. Many of my friends tried and a few could manage to move the chain a bit at least. I developed my skill with lots of practice and I am today confident of telling whether a plot of land has any source of underground water or not and to what extent.

What surprises me is that I can make a chain be it gold, brass, iron or any other metal go round and round with revolutions increasing as I near a good source. The movement of the chain may be linear initially but as the chain leads me to a source it begins to revolve on its own. When held by my right hand the chain rotates anti-clockwise and when held by my left the chain rotates clockwise. The direction of rotation changes depending upon the spot and I often wonder why. I do not have an answer to that. The length of the chain is limited by my arm length because anything longer than about 60-70 centimeters, my body would hinder the chain’s rotation. I have even tried hanging few heavy objects like locks may be two or three at the bottom; it goes ahead and swings all the same. I would also like someone to prove that I am moving the chain by myself. Isn’t that a challenge?

Till date I have helped quite a few persons in finding a spot where to drill for water. I do this as a service and not as a source of income. Also thro’ this blog I would like to find out if there are others with the same skill and would care to do some social work. I do not attach any religious or mystical sentiments to this. I am quite a practical man and I do not follow any religious ceremonies nor invite divine intervention before undertaking my water finding mission.

I would welcome all suggestions good or bad from like minded people.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

There are more things on Heaven and on Earth......than modern science can fully account for.
Perhaps Diviners are able to respond to some stimulus not yet understood by modern science......although the exact physical nature of this stimulus remains unexplained.
It is just the way it is and impossible to get to the core of it.Some scientists regard its existence as a major gap in current scientific knowledge. Divining is an ancient skill, mentioned in very early Vedic writings and even in Bible. Some websites try to make a mockery of the whole thing and there are as many believers as there are skeptics.

To be continued...........