Thursday, January 5, 2012


Remember I said I would upload a video of me with a lemon tied to a thread and to use it as a pendulum for water divining!
Before I do that I thought I would try with various vegetables.I tried divining this morning with a ripe tomato, full coconut and even a carrot. I find every vegetable displays the same characteristics of  a chain with a weight at the bottom. Same linear motion first to show me the way, next some violent jerks as I near the source followed by rotation anticlockwise when I hold with right hand.I find that quite strange.
I think the whole affair has something to do with gravity/ earth magnetism in connection with the human body.There is no logical explanation I can give. All I can say is that there are some things between heaven and earth which the Modern science cannot account for.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lemon and a piece of thread

Yesterday I had a funny idea! Why not try it out with something green, say a vegetable or something. I pondered a while and came to a conclusion, that I could hang a whole lemon by a nice thread and see if my idea of water divining works this way or not.
I had the lemon tied in circles all over and had a loose end to tie over my finger. I let it hang like a pendulum and I went to an open ground. And there it was! It started behaving the same way as it was with the metal chain and the pendulum.
I tried three or four times over. It was the same..... Initial linear movement, as I move forward the swing increasing may be with a jerk and finally ending up in a rotation anticlockwise.
I think I will take a video of this too and upload it.
Can anyone offer me a suitable answer, for even I am searching for one!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Water, Water everywhere. Where ????

Water, Water everywhere. Where ????
Please click on the above link to see the write up by Mr Chetan Prasad on the importance of a spirit level that is the most important aspect which is usually forgotten by borewell drillers.As the author has rightly said the cost of a simple spirit level may not cost more than Rs 150/- as against the cost of Borewell compressor running into lakhs.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Someone asked me as to how I perform these actions of finding water.
I told him that my method is neither scientific nor divine. I just go ahead and use a metallic chain with a pendulum at the bottom. In fact any metal chain would do. The chain does not have to be mine. Even yours would do.
 When I begin to perform the chain starts to move linearly, I follow the chain and where the linear  movement is maximum the chain begins to rotate vigourously.
The rotation is anti clockwise when I use my right hand and vice versa when I hold the chain with my left hand.
I claim no scientific method nor I perform any rituals or call for any divine intervention.
To be frank I do not know why the chain rotates.
Comments are  most welcome-----------

Friday, November 25, 2011

Finding underground water

I remember someone had called me two years ago to locate a spot for drilling a borewell.
He took me to a housing plot that he owned and asked me to find a suitable spot. I noticed that he had already dug a borewell. I asked him what was the matter? He said that very little water comes and that too not for long. Besides he added that he had been shown two other points to drill. He was desperate and and wanted my help.
I went round his plot, the size of the plot was 40' by 40'. He had already begun construction of his house. I went around for more than an hour with my chain but all I could tell him was that his plot does not have significant amount of water and to stay happy with whatever he was getting from the borewell he had dug.

Lessons learnt
1. My advice is that before purchasing the plot it is advisable to get the plot assessed for ground water availability.
2.Look at the hassles he has undergone and the amount spent on drilling.
3. This is true even for buying agriculture land.

He has since sold his partly constructed house to an unsuspecting customer and settled down elsewhere. The funniest part is that my house is hardly 500 metres from his plot. My house is literally floating on ground water.I think a metre or two will make a difference in getting water or not. That is the way ground water behaves.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

finding water underground-details of what I do

Someone asked me a few question on divining and this is what I had told him. I thought it better to post this here.

Good evening, It is very nice of you to ask me all these questions.
It is absolutely true that the chain rotates very vigorously when there is plenty of water below.
In fact the chain starts moving linearly to show me the vein of water, slowly the swing increases may be with a jerk even. Then when I go along the way what the chain shows the pendulum like movement starts to move in an anti-clockwise direction. Here if the water source is strong the circular motion is very fast.
Like I said in my blog when I use my right hand the rotation is anticlockwise and if I hold the chain with my left hand the rotation is clockwise. I pin point the exact location where the rotation is maximum.
I am not boasting, I am here to divine water and I tell the people where to dig. If there is no water I tell them there is no water, that's it.
If the plot is very small, specially residential plot it is possible that there insufficient water is available underground.
My success rate is close to 100% specially when I am taken to an farmland where I can have unrestricted movement. Let me reiterate that if there is no water the chain would not rotate.

There is another thing Sir, You will have to see it to believe.

No Sir, I have not experimented with oil or any other matter.

I often give the chain to the customer to try it out for himself. I am yet to find anyone with this ability. I have had my wife, son and daughter to try out but they couldn't do it.

Recently I went to Mysore as one customer had called me to divine for him, I did so and showed him few points where he could dig the borewell. I asked him to try it out, he said that he has been trying to find water in his land with a "v "shaped metal rod. I saw that the rod did twist at places where I had shown the points.
Finally I do not think it can be taught to any person, this ability has to be inside him.