Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lemon and a piece of thread

Yesterday I had a funny idea! Why not try it out with something green, say a vegetable or something. I pondered a while and came to a conclusion, that I could hang a whole lemon by a nice thread and see if my idea of water divining works this way or not.
I had the lemon tied in circles all over and had a loose end to tie over my finger. I let it hang like a pendulum and I went to an open ground. And there it was! It started behaving the same way as it was with the metal chain and the pendulum.
I tried three or four times over. It was the same..... Initial linear movement, as I move forward the swing increasing may be with a jerk and finally ending up in a rotation anticlockwise.
I think I will take a video of this too and upload it.
Can anyone offer me a suitable answer, for even I am searching for one!

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