Friday, November 25, 2011

Finding underground water

I remember someone had called me two years ago to locate a spot for drilling a borewell.
He took me to a housing plot that he owned and asked me to find a suitable spot. I noticed that he had already dug a borewell. I asked him what was the matter? He said that very little water comes and that too not for long. Besides he added that he had been shown two other points to drill. He was desperate and and wanted my help.
I went round his plot, the size of the plot was 40' by 40'. He had already begun construction of his house. I went around for more than an hour with my chain but all I could tell him was that his plot does not have significant amount of water and to stay happy with whatever he was getting from the borewell he had dug.

Lessons learnt
1. My advice is that before purchasing the plot it is advisable to get the plot assessed for ground water availability.
2.Look at the hassles he has undergone and the amount spent on drilling.
3. This is true even for buying agriculture land.

He has since sold his partly constructed house to an unsuspecting customer and settled down elsewhere. The funniest part is that my house is hardly 500 metres from his plot. My house is literally floating on ground water.I think a metre or two will make a difference in getting water or not. That is the way ground water behaves.

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