Friday, November 18, 2011

Cont'd from yesterday's musings

To continue with yesterday's bit, Of all flying that I did I liked Glider flying the best.Slow and easy, wind rushing into your ears,tears flying from the corners of my eyes, looking at the world below-----I didn't want the glider to come down ever.
One other thing however was even greater fun. I punched out from Ajeet a/c due to some malfunction on 29 Dec 1980, cold winter evening in J& K.

When I opened my eyes I saw parachute fully open slowly coming down to earth. It was snow all around and such a beautiful scene it was that I did not want the descent to end! Since it was a planned ejection and it was getting dark, I was asked by the Operations Officer to burn up fuel fast and land on the dumbell since the rescue would be difficult as darkness was falling.

There were two things to be done; a/c was to crash into the forest close by and that I will have to touch down on the dumbell. I did exactly what was told and steered the parachute well enough to land on the dumbell. I had no choice but to get to the mother earth. I saw the car from above waiting to receive me. I could see my squadron mates waving their hands, it was all fun.
As soon as I touched down safely I was bundled into the car taken to the crew room.

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